2014’s Letter Or “The end of the beginning”

Dear Chris, 2014 is just about finished, so as per the custom, let’s take a look back at the year that was. You started the year with a job that looked promising but turned out to be a dead end. It happens. But a couple of good things DID come from that job. 1. You […]

The National Guard Comes To Dinner – A Local Perspective

So in light of the tragic execution of 18 year old Mike Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer and the civil unrest that has occurred since, the National Guard has been deployed to the St. Louis County township in hopes of keeping the peace. The opposite will prove to be true and I’ll explain […]

Self Published Epilogue

  It’s a weird feeling I have right now – it’s one of accomplishment and pride, but at the same time, one of nervousness and fear. Yes, I finally got a book done and published – I’m Feelin That! Stories of Love, Life and Lessons Learned is available here for Kindle users at a low cost […]

Hey, I’m A Believer

As June mercifully comes to a close, I’ve had a lot of time to think about why things have affected me on a deeper and humbling level than normal. That’s saying a lot for someone like me who’s always had a somewhat melancholy view of the world and my life as a whole. But considering […]

Maya Angelou’s dare to dream inspired many

Maya Angelou left this life late last month, 86 years of life lived and lessons taught fulfilled enough for the original Phenomenal Woman to take her rightful rest. I can only imagine the things her eyes saw from her earliest days to when she closed her eyes for the last time in the early morning […]

Do Better.

Elliot Rodger is not an anomaly. Elliot Rodger is not a one-off. Elliot Rodger should not be dismissed in death for his cruel deeds of murdering young women and a fellow man this past weekend on the City College of Santa Barbara campus in California. While very few men have the gall and brass to […]

Crossroads Options

The feeling of being at a crossroads is certainly an interesting thing for me. I’ve had so much practice with that feeling and actual practice that it really shouldn’t surprise me when I find myself at this place. Yet I do. That being said, Wednesday night I got to hear a guest speaker at an […]


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